Founded 2016, Reformulated 2019

Stygian Effects is now Nightshade Studios! Since 2016, we have been hard at work trying to create the perfect blood formula.

The Bloods

Tested by Hollywood makeup FX artists, our bloods get the job done.


Efficient, affordable, convenient.

MOUTH BLOOD FX: Ideal application for spitting blood fx, mouth bleeding fx, tooth fx, mouth stain fx, temporary mouth or skin fx, and so much more!

COAGULATED BLOOD FX: Ideal application for external thickened blood fx, external blood fx, external injury fx, external creature fx, prosthetic fx, blood pooling fx, slime blood fx, and so much more!


So, what is fake blood?

The one true tool to bring any character to life. Our blood line is like no other produced today. Our products are composed of all food based ingredients, and completely sugar based. Sugar based blood formulas have been the base for every professional blood line for decades and still is used today by nearly every blood fx manufacturer! As a matter of fact, the exact ingredients we use are the same ones found in every day toothpaste, cookies, ice cream, icing, and so much more!. All of our products are completely skin safe, and all of our ingredients are FDA approved! 


A word of advice...

After years of trial and error with trying to create the perfect blood formula, Stephen wanted to make sure not to risk any exposure to damaging teeth, gums, tongue, skin, etc with these bloods.  


For our Mouth Bloods, shelf life is suggested 3 months.

For our Coagulated Bloods, shelf life is suggested 6 months. 

Our Mouth Bloods are best when used within 2 weeks after opening, but can last for multiple weeks as long as the dispense cap is sealed! 

How do I use these bloods and remove them?

Our products are water soluble, so they will wash off with warm water and soap easily. If minor staining occurs on the skin, try using small amounts of rubbing alcohol or shaving cream to remove any access blood!


The Mouth FX Bloods

One of our favorite effects is our mouth fx line. We all love using it all the time to play around, create a character for fun, or even throw it in one of the many zombie film and photo shoots we produce every year. The mouth fx line really holds up for a very temporary look for any occasion! We guarantee at least a 5-7 minute working time with our mouth fx line. In order to use these products properly, it is important to remove any food and foreign debris from the mouth being applied in, as well as to clean the mouth with water, and ONLY water! DO NOT use mouth wash before using mouth fx products, as any alcohol or other mouth rinse base formulas could potentially ruin and/or lessen the effect of the product, as well as give a very bad taste in the mouth with the flavorings of the bloods. 

The Coagulated Bloods

To remove our coagulated blood from the skin, easily and gently use warm water and soap to rinse. If minor staining still occurs after washing with water and soap, try using a small amount of rubbing alcohol or shaving cream to remove. Shaving cream is an industry trick for removing blood of skin! We have used this MANY times on set on films and tv shows!.