Have a project that you want us to sponsor? Looking to collaborate with a professional, reliable, and quality company?


Artist collaborations are why we started this business! Creativity is what drives passion and love for what we all do as artists. We believe that working together helps bring individuals to their full creative abilities. 

Nightshade Studios offers sponsorship opportunities to artists at all skill levels. We believe that by working one on one with the artists themselves helps promote each of our own creations for many to enjoy. If you have makeup experience, a social media account, and creativity is your passion, please fill out the form! We sponsor all levels of makeup and effects artists with their projects small and large. Photoshoots, movies, television, haunted houses, cosplay, and more, our products are used in many entertainment industries. Our products are made by artists for artists. 

Please note, not all applicants will be contacted after submitting. 

Applications are accepted on a multi-factor scale.